• Streak-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • No Buildup
  • No More Waxing
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Used for:
  • Paint
  • Chrome
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Plexiglass
  • Leather
  • Lexan
  • Marble & Tile
  • Fiberglass
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor Homes
  • Boats
  • Airplanes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Computer Screens
  • Stainless Steel
  • Eyeglasses
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Hey guys how are you i just used your born on my guitars and im speechless. you guys have always been so great, you will rememeber me from kona harley davidson.my name is tommy pfeiffer and i tried to convince them to order but to no avail they wouldnt so i dont know if you still send them product but i hope maybe you do,anyway i am a wise bussiness person and i know when a product works.yours works when i left kona harley i took your info and product with with and i have used it on my bike since nov 2003.needless to say you know your product works my bike is spotless, so after using it on a whim on my guitars im ready to tell everyone peroid. do you have a rep in hawaii and if not i would like to be we talked before about a spreading the word in the pacific and i tried but to much bs came forth so now i work for myself  maybe we can do bussiness for real tell me what you want or need and if i can supply the demand aloha
 While touring in Florida last month, my buddies and I stayed at the Sea Shell motel in Naples. We met a guy who said his father invented some detail products called "The Bomb." He asked where we were from and we told him Plum Boro,Pittsburgh,PA. He said he was from Pittsburgh too and was moving down to Naples. One of my Buddies had some with him, and I gave it a try. Very nice....easy to use and does the job nicely. I ordered some and also ordered Bombs Away. I gotta say I was REALLY impressed with Bombs Away. I have an RC Components "Smoothie" solid polished aluminun rear wheel on my Road Star and it always has looked just "ok." I polished it up with the Bombs Away, and all I can say is WOW! The wheel looks better than when I received it from the factory. Not as good as chrome, but pretty damn close. I'm a self-employed dental lab tech and I know what it's like to  hear from my customers and their patients when they pleased with my work. Justwanted to let ya know..good stuff.
Larry Rudolph
 This is the greatest product I have ever used. I especially enjoy having the travel bottle.  This is not the BOM. . it is a NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONIIIII Keep up The Good Work!!!
Captain Richard's Customer
 Folks: I am a professional bike / auto detailer. I've tried just about every metal polish product out there and have repeatedly found one particular product better than the rest. Today was history in the making, because Bom's Away Metal Polish has just dethroned my  favorite metal polish for the past 10 years. Thank you for a great Product!
 Hello, The products I ordered yesterday arrived today and so I decided to see if all the claims were true. Just finished a trip up to Lake City, FL on my black 2002 GL1800 and it was pretty dirty. Shock took the grease and grime off the lower engine casings and made them look like new. BOM has put a luster and depth in the black paint that I was never able to get with Meguiars Gold Class. I haven't tried the BOMS AWAY on the wheels yet, but I did make a very expensive Case knife look better than new. I am quite a pessimist regarding products that have big claims, but I have to say that that ALL of your products have far exceeded my expectations. I coordinate a couple of riding groups in the Ft Lauderdale area and I would love to tell them about these products except I don't want their bikes looking as good as mine.  I have three other bikes that will be BOM'd later this week. Thank you!
Marshall Paisner
 I've not tried the Bombs Away so I'm looking forward to that. I love the "Captain Richards" and it gets confirmed every time I use it or when I  see the Tuttle boys using it on American Chopper. Thanks a bunch.
R. V.
 Hi Richard- I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products. I am a confirmed clean-car nut. I have used many products to wash/wax my vehicles, and yours are the best. I have owned both motorcycles and cars, and I will use your cleaners as my first choice. I was introduced to 'waterless car cleaner' by DryWash'n'Guard. While I liked the product, I thought it could be improved, and it also was expensive. I prefer your "BOM" (aka Cap'n Richard's Best) to anything else. By the way, I ordered a couple bottles of BOM last week, and they haven't arrived yet.  Can you confirm that they've been shipped? I wanted to clean up my cars this holiday weekend. Thanks.
John R. (Randy) Tracy, Butler, PA
 I found out about your product at Bourget Bike Works and I used your bike wash today. It was super easy and  I almost enjoyed washing my bike. Thanks for a great product.
Ron Simon
 Captain Richards: I have owned my 1969 Porsche since it was new. It has won trophies in many club shows. The mag wheels have NEVER  looked as good as they do now after using my new bottle of Boms Away. Thanks for a good product!
Captain Richard's Customer
 Alright....I was skeptical could the Cherry Wash and the Captain Richard's Best be as good as promoted 222 Well, after two evenings of riding in Southern Illinois warm weather and covering over 300 miles with at least three times that many half dollar size moths hitting the bike, I thought "here's the test!!!" The 2005 HD Black Ultra fairing, windshield and entire front end were nothing but remnants of the early summer moth population here in Southern Illinois ... WHAT A MESS!!!! So, I openec the bottle of Cherry Wash and started spraying. Now, an Ultra has a lot of places to clean, and it was good thing the bottle was so large. I decided to completely follow the instructions and not wipe any surfaces...just trust in the directions and the strong water spray/stream on the bike. UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS....still can't believe it!!! WHAT A SHINE!!! And no more moth remnants! The black is really looking great, and the chrome will blind you. I'm sold!!!! Only wish I could buy the Cherry Wash in a bigger bottle. I don't need to truly wash the bike often, but I put at least 12,000 miles a year on the Ultra. And many of those miles are in tr "bug-time" of the day. The Captain Richard's Best is good to use for detailing before a poker run if the bike is slightly "unshowable", but I don't think I want to use it on such a buggy mess after a 300-500 mile day. That's when the Cherry Wash comes in. Thanks for the product. I'm very interested in getting more...will be ordering soon. And it blows any of the other "spray and wash" products off the block... they can't compete with the performance of Cherry Wash.
Captain Richard's Customer
 Captain Richard, Got my first bottle of Captain Richard's Best and it is fantastic. cleaned and detailed my Custom Hemi truck. It is unbelievable. I love it.... Have used the BOMS AWAY for about seven years on our 2002  Custom HD wheels to keep them looking like chrome. Wonderful products!!! Thank you.
Mary Ann Ross from La Marque, TX
 Just a note to let you know...my daughters found my cache of BOM and have been using it on thier personal vehicles. fine...okay NOW my wife is using it in her new kitchen!!!! Granite countertops....the black range and oven  hood look great...the refridge...microwave. This just isn't right on so many levels.
Phil Terry
 Hello, My buddy and I have tried everything we know of to get rid of the blueing on his pipes. A mistake was made during the tuning process and his pipes turned a dark blue. I have attached a picture of the pipe. The entire thing was as blue as the top elbow part of the pipe. We ran out of stuff to try so he decided to try some Boms Away I had in my garage. A little time with a polishing ball and a little Boms Away and you can see the results for yourself.  This product is amazing! I only wish he didn't use it all during the process!!!
Robert Boyero, Captain/USMC
 I have tried many products, but yours is the best I have ever used. It not only cleans and shines better then anything I've used it is less work also. It is especially good on lace wheels which can be a lot of work. My chrome is brilliant and my paint has that deep luster. You guys get a "GOLD STAR."  I'm attaching a photo. My bike looks better then the day it came off the dealers floor.
Larry King
 The greatest, Without a doubt, the BOM is the best product I have ever seen in my 52 years. I showed it to my Paint and Body man and he was very impressed. I loaned my BOM to my son-in-law, who has a great restored 1967 Camaro, and I haven't been able to get it back except in small quantities(he fills my small bottle up when I ask). He just won a trophy at a local car show last Saturday. The moral of this story is; don't loan your BOM to anyone The only question I have is: What is the long term use, i.e. will it yellow clear coat? I will continue to use your products until I find something negative  ( I don't think there is anything but positive). I'm ordering more today.
Lieutenant Robert L. Wessinger, Lexington County Sheriffs Dept.
 hello --i got my order-and wanted to let you know-- i have never used any product that is even in the same universe as this stuff--my bike has never looked this good its everything you said it would be--and them some ---{im still grinning about how fast and easy this stuff works}---i have been detailing bikes for years--for myself and others--and have used everything out there--old and new--nothing has come close to this--you got a customer for life-- i just wanted to let you know dont quit sellin this stuff thanks